Saturday, December 21, 2013

Humbug, Indeed

Dickens was a hack.  Yes, yes, he was a great writer, and blah it.  One of the worst stories ever written is "A Christmas Carol".  Think of it:  A hard working, relatively wealthy man who employs others and pays his taxes is the "bad guy", but once some underworld spirits mess with him while he sleeps, he becomes a good little socialist and everyone lives happily ever after. Sound about right?  It's pure dreck.

This is the template for two thirds of the movies coming out of Hollywood these days; the bad guy is the business man, the man with the money.  In the other third of movies, the bad guy is the priest, just to keep things interesting for the movie loving zombies, er, public.  It would seem that Dickens might be the inspiration for all of these awful movies that no one should ever watch if they value their minds or money.

Now I hate this story so much that I have avoided seeing it or reading it since high school.  You see, once one is out of high school, no one can tell you what you must or must not watch, and I have taken full advantage by adamantly refusing to have anything to do with this hate-crime of a story the last twenty odd years.

Mercifully, others have done the work of debunking this most heinous of literary works, so I needn't torment myself with further viewing or reading.  Robert MacDonald explains that my hero Scrooge deserves a medal for employing "...a certain worthless, incompetent clerk..." who has spent his free time producing "...more children than he can afford to feed."  Steven E. Landsburg points out the undeniable economic truth that "Saving is philanthropy...".  And Michael Levin hits home with the obvious point that while everyone thinks it pure wickedness to expect a man to work for no pay, they seem to have less trouble with a man having to pay for no work.

So Humbug to Dickens and all the whiners and shakedown socialists out there. And Merry Christmas to all the rest.